About our company:

Wash Care formerly called Keypoint Wash and now includes more than 10 years. Wash Care is known for delivering quality and fast service. We offer a wide range of services. Under One Roof you can lose all your clothes care .

We specialize in providing services to residential and business customers bone healing .

Since 2004 we are active in the field of washing , dry cleaning and linen hire. In recent years , we have expanded our services to corporate, personal protective equipment and industrial hygiene .

Total care

In the area of wet washing and dry cleaning , we have more than earned our tracks, we can like no other all conceivable textiles , bed and table linen to clothing , optimal care . For special stain removal , we do not turn our hand . For bone healing linen and workwear we providence complete management for our customers.


Our transportation service is offered daily on the road in the provinces of North Holland in order to providence our clients with a fast service. Alsoprovide we all had a lot of incoming ships in all major ports of the Netherlands .

Environment and safety

It goes without saying That we meet or Exceed all requirements in the field of environment and safety . We Continually investing in -improving our business processes and Modernization of equipment and installations .

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